Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Past Week

Well, as usual, we are a bit late in getting this all started. I have been in the UK for over a week now, which hardly seems possible. The show in Norwich went well, The Most Spectacular Show at the Fringe that Willie and I are writing didn't really go....FINE! We're still writing it, OK???!! What? Get off our backs! We don't actually have to perform it until Saturday. Jeesh.

I did have a lovely time in Norwich, though. It is so nice to have a few days to recover from the jet lag and decompress a bit before catapulting myself up north into this bleak, crazy war zone. I'm starting to develop some good friendships with people there and I hope I'll have the chance to pop back by before I leave.

Yeah, this year's jet lag was....interesting. Thankfully, I drank it away fairly quickly (thanks for the help with that Willie, Lucy, Kate, Tom, Andy, and Tom) but it was pretty serious while it lasted. The nice part was that Willie had it as well, so we BOTH got to stumble around town aimlessly muttering to ourselves. The title of this blog comes from a particularly ridiculous jet lagged conversation we had. Trust me, you are exceptionally glad that you did not have to listen to it, nor will we make you read an explanation of it. You're welcome.

We had our first show last night, as Doper indicated. Oooooo.....yeah.....that was work. Well, it has to get better, right?

More antics and photos to come. Stay tuned!

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